ISO Registration

Multiple benefits of ISO registration

  • ISO certificate is now required in a majority of government tenders.
  • ISO certification helps your organisation helps credibility to build overseas business.
  • ISO standards are designed to enable an organisation to serve their customers better and hence increase customer satisfaction. ISO certification enhances customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.
  • Since product quality matches the international level, this can reduce the risk order rejections which can occur due to the flaw in the product.
  • ISO certification implementation enhances functional efficiency of an organisation. ISO certification agency helps you develop SOP’s & work Instructions for all your processes. ISO implementations help to manage the resources effectively, as you become able to utilise all your resources to its maximum extent.
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    What is ISO Registration?

    ISO is an independent international organization that facilitates innovation and leads way to the development of trade. The objective of getting yourself ISO register is to advance the improvement of standardization in technology. ISO has listed internationally recognized standards (e.g, 9001, 22000, 14000) to encourage worldwide exchange of goods. ISO registration or ISO certification improves the credibility of your business and helps you get more business. You might have seen ISO 9001 Quality mark on products from large companies. This can be attained through ISO certification.

    What Is Included In Our Package?

    • Consultation

    • Application drafting

    • Drafting of policy standards

    • Certificate issue

    Procedure For Company Registration

    Complete our Simple Form

    Select Registration Type

    Send your Documents

    Your Licence is Ready

    Documents Required For ISO Registration

    • Copy of PAN Card

    • Passport size photograph

    • Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card

    • Two copies of sales bill/purchase bill

    ISO Standards

    • ISO 9001-Quality management
    • ISO 10012-Measurement management systems
    • ISO 2768-1- General tolerances
    • ISO 14001 – Environmental management
    • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health & safety management
    • ISO 19011 – Guidelines for auditing management
    • ISO 20000-1 – Information technology management
    • ISO 22000 – Standard for food safety
    • ISO 27001 – Information media security system
    • ISO 31000 – Risk management
    • ISO 4217 – Currency codes
    • ISO 50001 – Energy management
    • CE MARK – For certain products sold within European Economic Area
    • HACCP – Hazard analysis critical control point

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is ISO?
    ISO certification has been largely considered as a quality management tool which provides a kind of identity to company’s quality management system. It standardizes how businesses and organizations involved in commerce and industry manage information and processes. It simply means that organization has met certain requirements.
    2What is ISO gooo?
    It is a kind of ISO certificate which represents a quality of the product on an international basis and also ensures that the company meets up with all the required quality measures. ISO 9000 family of standards consist of basically three core of standards : ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems – Requirements ISO 9000 – Fundamentals and Vocabulary ISO 9004 – Quality Management Systems – Guidelines for performance improvements.
    3What is the role of BIS in ISO gooo?
    BIS stands for Body of India and is the founder of ISO. For the advancement of ISO 9000 standards the technical and its sub-committees are responsible. BIS officers which are included in Quality and industry experts’ panel are nominated by BIS. They are the one who enthusiastically participates in the gatherings offered by Technical Committee ISO/TC 176 and its Sub-committees.
    4Which IS/ISO gooo standard is implied for certification?
    Any organisation can apply for certification against IS/ISO 9001. The other standards i.e. IS/ISO 9004 and IS/ISO 9000 are guidance standards and are not implied for certification.
    5What is ISO goo4 certification?
    To improve the quality of a product, organizations have implemented some rules and regulations as per the requirements of IS/ISO 9001. The standard IS/ISO 9004 has an important element of `self- assessment’ and this standard is not agreeable to certification.
    6How to implement the requirements of ISO goo1 certification in my business?
    As a minimum, you should familiarize yourself not only with the requirements of IS/ISO 9001, but vocabularies given in IS/ISO 9000 and direction standard IS/ISO 9004 will help you to clearly understand your association’s activities and processes and appropriately interpret the requirements of the standards. Implement the requirements in the different activities and processes adding value to these processes and activities. For training programs on general awareness on the requirements, our National Institute of Training for Standardization (NITS) may be reached.

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