Employee State Insurance (ESI) Registration

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Advantages of ESI Registration

  • It provides complete medical benefits
  • It includes dependants
  • It can be used at different ESI dispensaries and hospitals
  • Any payments made will be reimbursed
  • It takes the needs of the disabled into account
  • Access to Medical care in ESI Dispensaries/Hospitals

    Applicability of ESIC Registration

    • Shops
    • Hotels or restaurants not having any manufacturing activity, but only providing service.
    • Cinemas
    • Roadside Motor Transport Establishments
    • News paper establishments
    • Private Educational Institutions and Medical Institutions

    What is Employee State Insurance Corporation

    Employee State Insurance Corporation or ESIC is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme which provides medical benefit, sickness benefit, maternity benefit, disablement benefit and various other benefits such as funeral expenses, free supply of physical aids etc. to the employees and their family.
    Start-ups and growing companies prefer private limited company as it allows outside funding to be raised easily, limits the liabilities of its shareholders and enables them to offer employee stock options to pull in top talent.

    Choose ESI Registration because :
    Provides complete medical care to employees
    Includes employee’s dependants also
    Mandatory for units with >10 employees

    What Is Included In Our Company Registration Package?

    • ESI Consultation

    • Employer Registration

    • Employee Registration

    • Documentation

    ESI Registration Procedure

    Complete our Simple Form

    Verification and Name Approval

    Document Submission

    Your work is completed

    Documents Required For Company Registration

    To be Submitted by Employer :
    • Registration Certificate or Licence issued under Shops and Establishment Acts or Factories Act. Address Proof: Latest Rent receipt of the premises you are occupying indicating the capacity in which the premises are occupied, if applicable.
    • Latest building Tax/Property Tax receipt (Photocopy).
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association/Partnership Deed/Trust Deed depending on the entity that is applying for registration.
    • Photocopy of certificate of Commencement of production and/or Registration No. of CST/ST (or GST once it becomes applicable).
    • Copy of PAN Card
    • Evidence in support of the date of commencement of production/business/first sale (e.g. Copy of First Invoice).
    • Month wise employment position, salary etc.
    • Copy of bank statement
    To be Submitted by Employees :
    • Family Photo in Duplicate

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is the procedure for registration of an employer?
    An employer shall apply for FORM 01 within 15 days after the act becomes applicable to a unit or establishment.
    2Is it mandatory for the employer to register under ESI?
    Yes, it is mandatory requirement for every employer who comes under this act to register their Factory/ Establishment.
    3What are the compliance requirements?
    Every employer covered under this act has to comply with various compliances such as deposit of monthly contribution, in order to file half yearly return and report to ESIC authorities if there is any change in business activity, address, ownership and the management, maintenance of registers and records etc.
    4Whether the benefits grant to insured employees are transferable?
    No, right to receive any benefits under this act is not transferable.
    5Is it mandatory for the Employer to register under the scheme?
    Yes, it is the statutory responsibility of the employer register their Factory/ Establishment under the ESI Act within 15 days from the date when the act becomes applicable to them.
    6What is the ESI Code number?
    It is a 17-digit unique identification number allotted to every registered establishment. This number is generated through the ESIC portal on submission of the required information by the employer or generated on receipt of a survey report from the Social Security Officer.

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